Student Affairs: Report an Incident

Relevant excerpt

A bias incident involves an act of intolerance or discrimination that does not involve physical violence or other criminal conduct directed against a person, group, or property. The act singles an individual or group out on the basis of one or more of the identities defined within our Tufts nondiscrimination policy.

Bias incidents may specifically include use of slurs or epithets and bias-fueled jokes. They may occur as a party theme that demeans a specific group or groups.If you are the target of such an incident, you may feel threatened, offended, or intimidated.

Examples of bias incidents include

  • Verbal harassment
  • Bullying
  • Taunting
  • Intimidation

Determine whether or not the incident qualifies as an act of bias, intolerance, discrimination, and/or hate, or if the incident — even if offensive — constitutes language, symbols, or behavior(s) permissible as free speech or academic freedom.

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