Student Handbook: Use of Facilities

Relevant excerpt

Two types of events require the appropriate Vice President’s approval. These are: 1) In the case of an event which a reasonable person would understand to be a protest or demonstration defined as a person or assembly of persons engaged in a rally, march, sit-in, fast or other public manifestation of welcome, approval, protest or disapproval but not social or athletic exhibitions or events; and 2) In the case of an event that might be reasonably expected to draw more than 200 members of the public and/or present The University with parking, safety or health problems.

[I]n order to balance rights and responsibilities, it is appropriate to require a reasonable and orderly scheduling of University facilities, resources, and personnel. In some cases and at The University’s sole discretion, this may involve the sponsoring organization hiring security personnel through The University’s Campus Security Department at the sponsoring organization’s expense.

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