UCM’s Guide to Good Decision-Making: The Right to Non-Discrimination, Equal Access, and Fair TreatmentThe Right to Non-Discrimination, Equal Access, and Fair Treatment

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Students have the right to engage with other learners in an environment that is free from illegal intimidation, harassment and discrimination, and other conduct that is prohibited by law.

At UCM, we want students to be exposed to other individuals from widely diverse backgrounds. This opportunity is part of what makes the college experience extraordinary and exciting. Through these interactions, we want students to engage in lively, respectful debate of complex issues while simultaneously reflecting and developing their own world views.

IIn some cases, lively debate can lead to disagreement and misunderstanding. Students should develop the skills to handle such disagreements with respect and civility. Your faculty, Student Experience and Engagement staff, organization advisors and other students can help you learn these skills. At the same time, persons who engage in conduct that constitutes harassment or discrimination as defined in applicable university policies, or that is otherwise prohibited by law, will be held accountable in a manner consistent with their rights as citizens under state and federal law.

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