Time, Place and Manner Ground Rules

Relevant excerpt

Demonstrators may conduct their activities during normal business hours in the public areas of any campus facility, or any time in any outdoor public place (.e., outdoor places/spaces with unrestricted access). After-hours activities may be authorized in specific campus facilities, after consultation with the appropriate campus officials, and may require the presence of mutually acceptable campus staff and/or faculty acting as activity monitors.

The following rules of conduct apply to all persons, not solely demonstrators:

1. No one may interfere with, or block or impede, the normal access, ingress or egress to or from any building or portion of one.

2. No one may block or impede access to any emergency alarm system(s).

3. No one may interfere or tamper with any part of any emergency alarm system.

4. No one may engage in any activity which endangers personal safety, which results in damage to personal or University property, or which violates the privacy and/or confidentiality of sensitive University records.

5. No one may interfere with, or disrupt, normal University business, classes, or any organized and authorized University activity inside or outside a campus building.

6. No one may refuse to follow the lawful directions of a university official or police officer acting in their official capacities

7. No one may interfere with the ability of vehicles to enter or exit a roadway or with the normal flow of vehicular traffic.

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