UH-Downtown/PS 04.A.01: Student Rights and Responsibilities- Conduct Prohibited

Relevant excerpt

No student may engage in any of the following actions: … Bullying: Humiliating, abusing, or threating conduct or behavior that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward and individual or a group, or creating an intimidating, hostile, or abusive learning, living or working environment that alters the conditions of learning, living or, or an unreasonable interference with an individual’s academic or work performance. Bullying includes but is not limited to using the internet, interactive, digital technologies or mobile phones to facilitate bullying activities. Mental or Bodily Harm- (a) Intentionally inflicting mental or bodily harm upon any person; (b) taking any action for the purpose of inflicting mental or bodily harm upon any person; (c) taking any reckless, but not accidental, action from which mental or bodily harm could result to any person; (d) engaging in conduct, including, but not limited to stalking, that causes a person to believe that the offender may cause mental or bodily harm; (e) communicating a threat to cause mental or bodily harm to any person; (f) any act which demeans, degrades, or disgraces any person and that causes, or would be reasonably likely to cause, mental or bodily harm. “Any person” as used in this section may include oneself.

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