Administrative Regulation 9:2: Regulations Governing the Use of Facilities by Registered Student Organizations

Relevant excerpt

2. In instances where non-University persons have been invited to speak or perform, where outdoor facilities are being requested, or where the capacity of the facility being requested is in excess of 100 persons, the reservations must be made on forms provided for that purpose. The form will show the organization’s name, the name of the individual seeking the reservation, the general nature of the event, its date and time, the facility requested, the names of non-University persons invited to speak or perform, any special arrangements needed, and information required by the University officials responsible for the facility requested. (A list of University facilities and the persons responsible for these facilities may be found in AR 9:1. Specific procedures and regulations regarding the facilities may be obtained from the person responsible for reserving the facility.)
3. Reservations submitted under the provisions of Section A.2 above must be made at least 48 hours in advance to permit proper scheduling and preparation for the event, except in unusual circumstances as determined by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for the Lexington Campus.

Members of the student body, faculty, and/or staff of the University may distribute on behalf of registered student organizations free-of-charge non-commercial announcements, statements, or materials at any reasonable outdoor area on the campus. Such distribution must be consistent with the orderly conduct of University affairs, the maintenance of University property, and the free flow of traffic and persons. Efforts must be made to avoid litter. Distribution by means of accosting individuals or by hawking or shouting is prohibited. Announcements or statements must indicate the name of the registered student organization on whose behalf the distribution is made.

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