Freedom of Expression Policy

Relevant excerpt

On Public Areas, students and faculty may assemble, distribute literature, and engage in spontaneous expressive activity as long as such activity is not unlawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the institution, subject to the requirements of this Policy.

Group Expression.  If an individual or group of individuals attract a group of 20 or more persons, then a representative from the group is encouraged to contact ULM Police as soon as circumstances reasonably permit.  The University reserves the right to direct a group of 20 or more persons to another available Public Area in order to ensure the safety of campus members, to provide for proper crowd control, and to limit disruption of the academic and other operations of the University.  Any relocation must not be based on the content or viewpoint of the expression.

Literature (fliers, brochures, information sheets, push cards) may be made available to interested persons during expressive activities subject to the TPM restrictions discussed herein.

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