Using and Leasing University Outdoor Space: Twin Cities

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Rallies, demonstrations, or other gatherings of fewer than 100 participants are allowed without a permit in the following outdoor spaces or immediately adjacent to these spaces and buildings:

  • Coffman Memorial Union Plaza
  • Gateway Plaza at McNamara Alumni Center
  • Northrop Plaza
  • St Paul Student Center Plaza
  • West Bank Plaza

Permit Required

A permit is required for any of the following uses of University outdoor space:

  • An event involving 100 or more participants;
  • The use of displays, structures, tents, contact tables, or grills, sound amplification, or food service;
  • An event likely to require police, traffic management, or other personnel to appropriately manage the event;
  • An event requiring University service such as rentals, sanitation, additional trash bins, etc.; or
  • Overnight outdoor stays, including camping.

Permit Process

Organizations, departments, and Registered Student Groups must obtain permits from the appropriate University department prior to the event, following the attached procedures:

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