Facilities Use Policy 402

Relevant excerpt

At all times, the University maintains the right to determine which activities are appropriate to be held on the campus.

A. “Activity Coordinators” means individuals having the resources to coordinate activities successfully within departments or schools. A list of Activity Coordinators is contained in the Appendix to this policy and its associated procedures.

I. Reserving Facilities & Grounds

C. University Affiliated Activities (Group B) & External Activities (Group C)

1. The Activity Coordinator will contact the appropriate Reserving Office to inquire about facility and grounds space and availability. Schools, departments or other organizers of an activity with no Activity Coordinator shall contact Campus Performance Facilities (“CPF”) for reservations and further guidance.
2. Once the availability of a space is confirmed, an On-Campus Special Event Approval Form must be completed and submitted to CPF.

If a Group B Activity involves three or more of the following, an Activity Coordinator must be used.

a. Multi-day Activities
b. Activities with 10 or more attendees
c. Activities held on Saturday or Sunday or weekday evenings

f. Activities that require campus police presence

C. The UNCSA Campus Police will review all events and activities using University facilities and grounds and determine the parking, traffic control, security and crowd control requirements for these events and activities. As part of this review, the UNCSA Campus Police will consider: …
4. the type and nature of these events and activities;
5. the size and nature of the audience or participants expected to attend these events and activities; …

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