Student Handbook: Student Conduct Code- Regulations Relating to Conduct

Relevant excerpt

Violations of the Student Conduct Code by a student or student organization, or their guest, subject the student or student organization to disciplinary action. Such violations may include, bot are not limited to …

Bullying: The aggressive and hostile acts of an individual or group of individuals which are intended to humiliate, mentally, or physically injure or intimidate, and/or control another individual or group of individuals. Such aggressive and hostile acts can occur as a single, severe incident or repeated incidents and may manifest in the following forms:

Verbal/Written Bullying: Includes ridiculing, insulting, instigating, spreading rumors about, or maligning a person either verbally or in writing; addressing abusive, threatening, derogatory, or offensive remarks to a person; and/or attempting to exploit an individual’s known intellectual or physical vulnerabilities.
Nonverbal Bullying: Includes directing threatening gestures toward a person or invading personal space after being asked to move, leave the space, or step away.
“Cyber Bullying”: Defined as bullying an individual using any electronic form including, but not limited to, the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, or mobile phones.

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