University of Kentucky; Student Rights and Responsibilities; Part III; Regulations Governing Time, Place, and Manner of Meetings, Demonstrations, and Other Assemblies

Relevant excerpt

3. Prohibited Areas. No unauthorized demonstration, meeting, or other assembly shall take place within or upon the following prohibited areas:

a. Chandler Medical Center and its adjacent grounds, sidewalks, and parking areas,

b. Maxwell Place and its adjacent grounds, sidewalks, and parking areas;

c. All streets and driveways utilized for vehicular traffic.

D. Use or continued use of the above areas and facilities, as well as other meeting areas and facilities not designated above, for demonstrations, meetings, or other assemblies and gatherings shall be subject to the 'Rule of Reason' i.e., subject to the judgment that the manner of use of the area is what could be expected of a reasonably prudent person. Thus, the use or continued use of any such areas may be denied if, for example, the activity blocks doorways, causes noise which interferes with classroom, office or other University activity, or presents an imminent threat of physical violence or destruction of property.

The responsibility for making such a determination and decision rests with the Dean of Students or the dean's designated representative. If the dean or the dean's designated representative believes that an area or facility is being improperly used or believes the users of the area are acting imprudently, the dean shall:

1. Warn the offending group or individuals that continued misuse will not be permitted;

2. Recommend alternative locations or means of expression;

3. Instruct the offending individuals or the assembled group to vacate the area;

4. Cite individuals or groups for violation of University regulations;

5. Request assistance of law enforcement officials; or

6. Any combination of (D1), (D2), (D3), (D4), and (D5).

Failure to comply with the directions of the Dean of Students or the dean's designated representative may result in charges of violation of the Code of Student Conduct, or of other University regulations in the case of non-student members of the University community, being placed by the dean against offending parties. Those failing to comply are also reminded that they may be found in violation of the law if so determined by a law enforcement official on the scene.

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