Access to and Use of Campus Property and Facilities: Access to Facilities & Prioritized Users

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A. Access to Facilities & Prioritized Users

The use of University of Memphis facilities is intended solely for uses consistent with the advancement and orderly administration of the University’s educational mission for the benefit of students, staff, and affiliated entities.

1. Access to and use of campuses, facilities, and property of University is restricted to the University, University administration for official functions, normal educational activities, affiliated individuals/entities, and invited or sponsored guests of the University except as specifically provided by this policy, or when part or all of a campus, its buildings or facilities are open to the general public for a designated time and purpose.

2. University shall set forth the process, and requirements, pursuant to which designated campus properties and/or facilities may be accessed for other than official University use.

3. University shall designate certain facilities as available for rent to the general public at market rates, where the length/frequency of occupancy/use of campus facilities, or the nature of a particular building, facility or property or a particular purpose makes such agreements appropriate. Such lease/rental agreements are not covered by this policy and will be executed subject to appropriate TBR and University policies and guidelines governing the lease of TBR or University property, including, but not limited to, TBR Policy No. 1:03:02:10 and TBR Guideline B-026.

4. Access/Use of campus property or facilities, other than for those scheduled for official University, administrative and/or normal educational purposes, shall be through a process of application, review, and administrative approval as established by University consistent with this policy.

5. Application for use of campus facilities or property may be filed with the Office of Conference Planning and Operations (CPO). For applications for conferences and/or special events, please contact CPO to discuss pricing, space needs, and associated services. CPO can be reached at (901) 678- 5000 or visit their website at

6. University sets the priority to individuals or groups use of campus facilities and/or property, consistent with University mission(s). Highest priority shall always be given to administrative and educational uses.

7. Affiliated entities may apply to obtain permission for the repeated use of a particular campus facility or space to conduct regular meetings using campus facilities or property without requiring repeated application and approval for each occurrence of the event if the meetings are limited to members of the organization.

8. Faculty and/or affiliated entities may extend invitations to uncompensated, unaffiliated guest speakers for regular class sessions and/or meetings, without prior application where attendance at the class session or meeting will be limited to members of the class or affiliated entity and where no fee or compensation from state funds will be paid to the speaker and no conflict exists with existing University contracts.

9. University requires that access to or use of campus facilities or property by affiliated entities and affiliated individuals for an event other than a regular meeting of its membership that will include an invited guest speaker and/or be open to persons outside group membership be made through the procedures established pursuant to this policy. The sponsoring entity will be responsible for the conduct of both the speaker and non-affiliated guests at the event as well as for compliance with all laws, TBR and University rules or policies while present on campus or using campus facilities or property. An application for such access or use of campus facilities or property must clearly set forth the identities of both the affiliated individual/entity filing/sponsoring the application as well as the non-affiliated entity being sponsored. The application will be subject to the same procedures and regulations applicable to all applications for use of campus facilities.

10. University may permit non-affiliated entities/individuals, conditioned on sponsorship by an affiliated entity or individual, to apply for use of, or access to, locations on campus specifically identified by University.

11. University shall identify one (1) or more areas or facilities on campus for which non-affiliated entities/individuals, may apply for use or access individually, without sponsorship from an affiliated individual/entity. Such applications shall be limited to those locations on campus specifically identified in institutional policy for access/use by unaffiliated individuals/entities. Such applications shall be subject to the same procedures and requirements.

12. The application of this policy and all University policies are limited to one (1) time only events, short term, intermittent, and/or repeat use of campus facilities where access/use of facilities/property are permitted without an associated rental/lease or fee. Such uses shall be limited to circumstances where University does not actually, or effectively, cede occupancy or control of any University property. Approval for repeated or intermittent use of any facility or property pursuant to this policy may not exceed four (4) months in length and may only be renewed or repeated after review to determine that such use does not conflict with a University need, or another request for access/use of the facility/space by another eligible person/entity.

13. In all cases where an application for access or use of campus facilities or property is approved, such use will be subject to the execution of an appropriate written agreement regarding the conditions applicable to the approved access/use, which shall include, but not be limited to, the terms and conditions set forth in this policy.

14. University permits access to and use of facilities consistent with the requirements of T.C.A. §8-50-1001. University may require that meetings, or other gatherings, conducted pursuant to this statutory provision be subject to an application for use pursuant to this policy, for the sole purpose of ensuring that administrative, educational, and/or workplace functions are not interrupted. Institutional policy may permit repeated access, pursuant to this provision, without repeated application.

C. Application & Permitting Process

The policies and procedures related to the application for access/use of campus property/facilities shall include the following:

1. Application(s) for access to, or use of, campus facilities or property submitted in writing at least five (5) working days in advance of the proposed use (excluding weekends and holidays) to Director Conference Planning and Operations. Where an application for an event involving an outside speaker involves payment of a total fee and/or expenses in excess of $2,500.00 from University funds, the request must be submitted at least twenty (20) working days prior to the date of the proposed speaking engagement.

2. The President, or designee, shall approve applications for registration filed less than five (5) working days, twenty (20) days in the case of a speaker paid from University funds, before the event, if it is determined that the use of property requested can be reasonably accommodated and that adequate cause exists for late filing of the application for registration. Approval of late applications shall be within the sole discretion of the President, or designee. The decision of such official will be final.

3. Written notice of approval or disapproval of the application for use of campus property or facilities shall be provided. Such notice shall be provided to the applicant within a reasonable time from the date an application is submitted.

4. At a minimum, notices of approval/disapproval will be made available at the office of the designated campus official or other approved form of notice, e.g., electronic delivery. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain notice of the approval or denial of any application submitted pursuant to this policy.

5. Notices of disapproval shall include a statement of the basis for disapproval.

6. Any denial of a request to access/use campus facilities and/or property shall be based solely on factors related to reasonable regulations in light of the University’s mission and the nature of the facility or property requested and rendered in a content/viewpoint neutral manner.

7. The various considerations potentially leading to a denial of an application shall include, at minimum, the following:

(b) Frequency of previous use during an academic period in comparison to that of a contemporaneous applicant,
(c) Use of the property or facilities requested would be impractical due to scheduled usage prior to or following the requested use, or due other extenuating circumstances,(d) The applicant or sponsor of the activity has not provided accurate or complete information required on the application for registration,
(e) The applicant or sponsor of the activity has been responsible for violation of institutional policy during a previously registered use of campus property or facilities,
(f) The applicant has previously violated any conditions or assurances specified in a previous registration application,

(k) The activity conflicts with existing contractual obligations of the University,

D. General Conditions for Use of Property or Facilities

3. Sound amplification equipment may be used only when prior approval has been requested and approved by the appropriate official taking into account the University’s mission and the nature of the facility or property requested, location, time of day. Sound amplification is not permitted in the unassigned areas.

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