Student Handbook: USA Spirit

Relevant excerpt

Becoming a member of the University of South Alabama’s community necessitates that the spirit of a truly civilized community be fully embraced.

As a member of the University community….

I will respect the spirit of equality which upholds the dignity of all persons. …a commitment to this ideal means I will not compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups, including hazing, intimidation, teasing, baiting, insulting, harassing, and discrimination. Instead, I will uphold the worth of all individuals.

I will uphold the spirit of diversity which celebrates differences and discourages bigotry. … a commitment to this ideal affirms support for equal rights regardless of  age, sex, race, religion, disability, ethnic heritage, socio-economic status, political, social or other affiliation.

I will practice the spirit of stewardship which seeks to conserve the earth’s resources and to properly use all resources at my disposal. … a commitment to this ideal means I will conserve the campus environment and will use the resources provided me wisely, not wasting where I can conserve, not expecting others to pick or clean up. …

When one embraces the Spirit of South Alabama by joining the community, it behooves that person to exemplify and encourage behavior that promotes integrity, equality, privacy, diversity, service.

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