The University of South Dakota Sales and Solicitation Policy and Request Form

Relevant excerpt

Sales and Solicitation on USD property is strictly prohibited without authorization from the Muenster University Center Administration. A copy of the authorized Sales and Solicitation form must be displayed at all times while on campus. The Sales and Solicitation form may be picked up at the information desk located on the first floor of the Muenster University Center.

All sales and solicitations in the public areas of the Vermillion campus of the University of South Dakota will be restricted to the appropriate areas inside or near the Theodore R. and Karen K. Muenster University Center with the exception of number 12 in Procedure section of this policy and must be approved by the Muenster University Center Administration. …

III. Areas available for sales and solicitation:
a. Muenster University Center
b. Muenster University Center Courtyard
c. I.D. Weeks Library Courtyard

Solicitation: as defined by USD, is asking for a donation or contribution of monies, goods or services or making a request or plea. Soliciting includes, but is not limited to: distributing or promoting through advertising any material; passing out literature; affixing posters or literature on bulletin boards as well as directly requesting donations, contributions, support or membership from individuals or groups.

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