Policy 0-004: Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment (Including Sexual Violence)- Prohibited Conduct Outside Title IX Jurisdiction

Relevant excerpt


Discriminatory conduct based on sex that does not meet the Title IX definition of harassment but that, by the totality of circumstances, is sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter a term or condition of employment or enrollment is prohibited by this policy and may be investigated under the jurisdiction of Title VII or the Student Code of Conduct. … The following conduct is prohibited by this policy when such conduct is based on sex:

D. Harassment: Conduct that creates an unsafe, intimidating, or hazardous situation that interferes with the ability of a student or employee to study, work, or carry out University functions and are not protected by freedom of expression.
1. Repeated and/or sever [sic] aggressive behaviors, including bullying or cyber-bullying, that intimidate or intentionally harm or control another individual physically or emotionally.
2. Failure to abide by 0-007 Diversity and Equal Opportunity: Discrimination and Harassment Policy and all University protocols and federal/state laws regarding discrimination.

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