Policy STUA-UNA-012: Free Speech, Demonstration and Protest Policy

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: University of Southern Mississippi Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: October 5, 2018

Relevant excerpt

1.0     The University has established high visibility areas on campus in order to facilitate robust debate and the free exchange of ideas.  These Free Speech Zones may be used by any person, including non-students and other campus guests:

1.1      Hattiesburg Campus:
1.1.1        Shoemaker Square Fountain (Paved area immediately surrounding the fountain)
1.1.2        Free Speech Area North (Paved area on Southwest corner of HUB, North of the bollards)
1.1.3        Free Speech Area West (Paved inset area, without bench, West of the Fountain, opening to Centennial Green)

1.2      Gulf Park Campus:
1.2.1        Shoo Fly area south of the tennis courts
1.2.2        Green Space South of Library

2.0   Areas defined in Section 1.0 may be used without permission from the University by students, faculty or staff so long as they have not been previously reserved or scheduled for a particular function, no sound amplification is used, no structure is erected, and the participants do not violate other University policies.

4.0     Individual students, faculty or staff have the right of free expression anywhere on campus so long as the expressive activities or related conduct does not violate any other applicable University policies.

5.0     If a student organization desires to demonstrate in an area of campus outside of the Free Speech Zones or if the student organization intends to advertise for an event or anticipates an event that may draw a large crowd or impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic or will involve a parade, march or other similar activity, the University requires the student organization to complete an event form through the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement (LSI) at least three (3) days in advance of the activity.

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