Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity: Forms Sexual Harassment Comes In 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: Utah State University Statement Rating: Yellow

Relevant excerpt

The following are behaviors which could be viewed as sexual harassment when they are unwelcome

-Whistling or making cat calls at someone
-Making sexual comments about a person’s clothing or body
-Telling sexual jokes or stories
-Asking personal questions about sexual life, fantasies, preferences or history
-Repeatedly “asking out” a person who is not interested
-Turning work discussions to sexual topics
-Referring to an adult woman or man as a hunk, doll, babe or honey
-Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person’s personal sex life


-Paying unwanted attention to someone (i.e., staring, following, blocking a person’s path)
-Displaying sexually suggestive visuals
-Making facial expressions such as winking, throwing kisses, or licking
-Giving personal gifts or a sexual nature
-Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements

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