Handbook of Operating Procedures: 9.37 Peaceful Public Assembly

Relevant excerpt

University staff, faculty and students may peaceably assemble anywhere on the UTSA campuses that they are otherwise permitted to be without advanced permission, as long as there is no disruption to other university activities.

Persons or organizations who are planning a public assembly with more than 50 participants are strongly encouraged to notify and consult with Events Management and Conference Services (EMCS) as soon as practicable after the point at which the planners anticipate or plan for more than 50 participants. Persons or organizations planning smaller assemblies are encouraged to consult with EMCS if there is uncertainty about applicable university rules, the appropriateness of the planned location, or possible conflict with other events. EMCS has experience in helping student organizations structure events in ways that both comply with the university’s rules and achieve the organization’s goals for the event. EMCS can help identify appropriate space and potentially conflicting events, as well as help the planners avoid unintended disruption or other violations.

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