Manual of Policies and Procedures for Student Affairs: Sec. 6-901. General Rule on Public Assemblies

Relevant excerpt

b. All individuals may publicly assemble on campus in any place where, at the time of the assembly, the persons assembling are permitted to be. This right to assemble is subject to the rules in this subchapter, to the general rules in subchapters 6-200 and 6-300, and to the rules on use of University property in MOPP chapter 7. No advance permission is required.

a. Persons or organizations who are planning a public assembly with seventy-five or more participants are strongly encouraged to notify and consult with the director as soon as practicable after the point at which the planners anticipate or plan for seventy-five or more participants. Persons or organizations planning smaller assemblies are encouraged to consult the director if there is uncertainty about applicable University rules, the appropriateness of the planned location, or possible conflict with other events. The director can help identify appropriate space and potentially conflicting events. Refer to the Student Organization Handbook for additional information, policies, and procedures related to student organizations reserving space for public assemblies with seventy-five or more participants.

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