Policy V. 5.24.3: Solicitation

Relevant excerpt

Prior registration is generally not required for casual forms of non-commercial solicitation, such as leafleting, that do not involve the dedicated or exclusive use of University buildings, grounds, or facilities, provided that access to, or the use of buildings, grounds or facilities may be subject to restrictions designed to protect safety, or to avoid undue disruption of customary campus activities.

Unless they have already been reserved, lawful non-commercial solicitation may occur without prior reservations at the following venues:
a. Royall Tyler Theatre plaza
b. Davis Center Oval
c. Davis Center Outdoor Stage area
d. Bailey-Howe quad area
e. the University Green area south of the Ira Allen statue
f. Waterman main (east) entrance plaza
g. Waterman College Street (south) entrance plaza

“Noncommercial solicitation” includes, without limitation, petition drives, public opinion polling, membership drives for recognized groups and organizations, preaching, proselytizing, political organizing, political canvassing, and political campaigning. It also includes charitable fundraising for the benefit of the University, University-recognized groups and organizations, or other nonprofit or charitable organizations.

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