Notice of Proposed Regulation Amendment: UWF/REG-3.014 Public Expression, Assembly, and Distribution of Written Materials at the University of West Florida

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: University of West Florida Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: November 15, 2017

Relevant excerpt

The location of the Designated Public Forum is currently very close to the entry of the Pace Library. Library patrons have stated that they can hear the speakers in the Designated Forum while trying to study. The location of the Designated Public Forum, therefore is being moved back from the entrance of the Pace Library and far enough from the Library so that speakers in the Designated Public Forum cannot be heard by library patrons. The new location will be marked with signs indicating that it is the Designated Public Forum.


The University does not contain any traditional public forum areas.


All unscheduled assemblies must be held in UWF’s Designated Public Forum.

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