Living On Handbook: General Hall Policies- Posters/Decorations 13-14

Category: Posting and Distribution Policies School: University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: May 13, 2014

Relevant excerpt

Residence hall communities have both the right and the responsibility to regulate the “public” side of room windows and room doors, including any offensive material displayed. This argument stems from the belief that these parts of the window and door are a community area shared by everyone who uses the sidewalk or lives within the Residence Hall buildings and not solely by the resident(s) of the room. You will be asked to remove materials found to be offensive. Such materials include but are not limited to:

• signs that threaten or offend a particular individual or group with racist, sexist, or homophobic message such that they have a concern for their personal safety
• signs that present any individual or group in a demeaning fashion
• signs that encourage violence within the Residence Hall community

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