Faculty and Staff Handbook: Racist and Discriminatory Conduct 13-14

Category: Harassment Policies School: University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Statement Rating: Red Last updated: May 12, 2014

Relevant excerpt

[R]acist and other discriminatory conduct toward students, employees, officials, and guests at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is conduct which will not be tolerated.

“Racist and other discriminatory conduct” means intentional conduct, either verbal or physical, that explicitly demeans the race, sex, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or age of an individual or individuals, and that either: (1) has the purpose or effect of interfering with education, University-related work, or other University-authorized activity of a University student, employee, official or guest; or (2) creates an intimidating, hostile or demeaning environment for education, University-related work, or other University-authorized activity.

In order to enhance understanding of the conduct prohibited under this policy, the following specific examples of racist and other discriminatory conduct are provided:

(c) Verbal assaults based on ethnicity, such as name calling, racial slurs, or “jokes” that demean a victim’s color, culture or history.

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