Student Organization Handbook: Rallies, Public Assemblies and Demonstrations

Relevant excerpt

Demonstration/Rally/Assembly form should be submitted to the Department of Student Activities (2) business days before the day of activity.

Any person, organization or group whose use of an outdoor/indoor area for demonstration or protest is expected or reasonably likely to have more than fifty (50) people in attendance is asked to notify the Department of Student Activities by emailing a completed demonstration/rally to at least two (2) business days before the day of the activity. The demonstration/rally form will include information as to the reason for expressive activity, specific location and boundaries to be used for the event, the estimated expected number of persons, and the name and contact information of at least one person who can be contacted regarding logistics of the event, which should include at least one person who will be personally present. Security and clean-up costs will not be charged to the person or group. The form is requested to ensure that there is sufficient space for the large group event, that the large group event does not conflict with any other scheduled use of the outdoor space, and that sufficient university resources are available for crowd control and security. If such advance notice is not feasible because of circumstances that could not be reasonably anticipated, such as because of very recent or still-unfolding news developments, the person or group should provide the university with as much advance notice as circumstances reasonably permit.

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