University Policy 114: Solicitation, Assemblies, and Public Addresses

Relevant excerpt

“Recognized Student Organization” means the Student Government Association and other student clubs and groups that have been officially recognized by the University.  A Recognized Student Organization also may be considered an “affiliated group.”

“Non-University Group” is a group other than a University Group or Recognized Student Organization that is a legally separate entity from the University, even though some of the members or participants may be University personnel, alumni, or students.  A Non-University Group also may be a single individual.

University Groups, Recognized Student Organizations, and Non-University Groups alike may distribute leaflets, brochures or other written materials in any open, exterior campus space; provided, however, that materials may not be placed on parked vehicles consistent with Section XI.E below. Anyone distributing materials must do so in accordance with additional provisions found in Sections VII.C and XI below, and must comply with laws pertaining to defamation, obscenity, littering, and other applicable laws.

Recognized Student Organizations and University Groups may conduct Assemblies or Public Addresses without prior approval at any exterior campus location.  …  Groups comprised of eight (8) or more persons should notify the Director of University Police and Parking Services and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the Assembly/Public Address so that safety measures may be provided if necessary.

Non-University Groups (whether the groups are sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization or University Group or are unsponsored) may conduct Assemblies or Public Addresses at exterior campus locations as follows: (1) without prior approval/scheduling, on the sidewalks adjacent to Centennial Drive, Forest Hills Road, and Central Drive; or (2) with prior approval/scheduling, on the southeast section of the Hinds University Center lawn, or the Central Plaza as may be determined by the Director of the University Center.

 No outdoor assembly may be conducted within 200 feet of a childcare playground or facility during operating hours, within 50 feet of any building, or within 50 feet of any other individual’s or group’s outdoor assembly. The University may place barriers or other boundary indicators that must be respected during an outdoor assembly.

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