Report a Bias Incident

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A student, staff, or faculty member can notify the BRT of a bias incident by completing and submitting the online notification form.  Alternatively, you can notify the BRT by communicating directly with a member of the BRT, who will then complete and submit the online notification form.

A bias incident is language or an action that demonstrates bias against an individual or group of people based on actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, disability, sexual orientation, age, or veteran status.

Examples of bias incidents can include, but are not limited to, vandalism to personal or University property, defacement of posters, verbal slurs, and physical assault.

A bias incident may contribute to creating an unsafe environment or have a negative psychological, emotional, or physical impact on an individual, group, or community.  A bias incident may occur whether or not there is an intent to cause a negative impact, and whether or not the incident constitutes a crime or violation of Washington law or Western policy.

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