Exterior Space Use

Relevant excerpt

All outside activities with a potential impact on the normal conduct of the University’s operation must be scheduled through the Viking Union Reservations Office. Outside activity space requests must be approved beforehand with request of a particular space through the Viking Union Reservations Office, at which time the following will take place:

a. Verification of authority of requesting party to  reserve space on campus and clarification of  event specifics.

b.  Verification of availability of space/check for  potential conflict with other activities.  Referral to appropriate office if covered under  exemptions in section D.1., or other university requirements, in which case further review would follow that office’s procedures.  However, processing for all student and off­  campus groups will follow procedures contained herein.

c.  Examination of potential effect on on­going activity of the university, including contacting  offices or departments which may be impacted,  if necessary.

d.  Review by other administrative officials, if  necessary, due to scope or impact of program,  e.g., unusual space, precedent possibilities.

e.  Approval or denial by Director of the Viking Union/Student Activities. Approval may  contain specific requirements as a condition of  approval.

f.  Distribution of approved event information to  Vice President for Student Affairs, Space Administration, Public Safety, Grounds and any  party with a particular interest in a certain  activity.

g.  Inclusion in the Event Services Reservation  System and distribution through the “University Events Report,” which is produced daily and  available in the Viking Union Administrative  Office, as well as the Viking Union Information  Desk.

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