Policy on Use of the Free Speech Area 13-14

Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies School: Western Illinois University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: July 3, 2014

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To promote the free exchange of ideas, Western Illinois University permits students, faculty, employees, and the general public to engage in open public speech in the “free speech area” on the campus, subject to the time, place, and manner restrictions set forth in this policy.

I. Time and Place Restrictions

A. This policy applies only to the open area traditionally known as the “free speech area” directly to the north of the University Union and southwest of the Ticket Booth at Hanson Field.

B. Use of the above defined “free speech area” is limited to daylight hours during the University’s normal operating schedule.

II. Conduct and Manner Restrictions

A. Those who schedule the “free speech area” on the campus must not:

  1. attempt by repeated demands, threats, or otherwise, to coerce passers by into stopping and participating in debate or discussion;
  2. interfere with, impede, or cause blockage of the flow of traffic;
  3. commit any act likely to create an imminent safety or health hazard;
  4. accompany the presentation with loud or raucous sounds likely to disturb others solely by reason of their decibel level;
  5. interfere with or disrupt any other lawful activity by anyone in the same general location at the same time;
  6. post materials on any walls, windows, doors, sidewalks, trees, light poles, etc., or on any other University equipment;
  7. utilize a sound or PA system or be accompanied by any voice amplifying or noise creating device unless prior approval has been given.

B. Public speech that is likely to incite or produce imminent lawless action or that is, under current legal standards, either libelous or obscene, is prohibited.

C. The “free speech area” must be reserved at least five (5) days in advance and use by any one individual or organization shall be limited to no more than three (3) days in a thirty (30) day period of time.

D. Any exceptions to this policy must be cleared through the Director of the University Union.

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