Undergraduate Catalog: Policies and Regulations Governing Student Life- Policy on Posting and Distribution of Notices and Printed Materials

Relevant excerpt

Publications and printed materials may be distributed on the campus only if the originator is clearly identified, and in places and times designated by the university policy on distribution and posting of notices and printed materials.

Notices must carry the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the event, and the sponsoring organization or individual is responsible for the removal of its own outdated notices. Notices of events (e.g., movies, dances, and concerts) sponsored by off campus businesses or groups are permitted only in designated areas on campus and with the approval of the director of student activities. Copies of advertisements (e.g., signs, posters, and flyers) for all events sponsored by and for students and student organizations must be filed with the director of student activities. Advertisements for activities other than for entertainment must be cleared through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

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