Facility Use Rules for First Amendment/Free Speech Activities

Relevant excerpt

(4) “Limited public forum areas” means those areas of each campus available as places for expressive activities protected by the first amendment, subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.

At each university campus, the limited public forum areas are all university facilities, with the exception of the interior or immediate vicinity of university facilities used to support university research, academic instruction, or health services.

(5) “First amendment activities” refers to any activity protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Such first amendment activities may include, but are not necessarily limited to, informational picketing, petition circulation, the distribution of information leaflets or pamphlets, speech-making, demonstrations, rallies, appearances of speakers in outdoor areas, protests, meetings to display group feelings or sentiments, and other types of constitutionally protected assemblies to share information, perspective, or viewpoints.

(2) Notice. The group or individual desiring to use a limited public forum area to engage in first amendment activities is requested to provide notice of the intended use of the desired limited public forum area as follows:
(a) At the Pullman campus, notice to the campus police. …

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