FIRE’s Widgets: Because Speech Codes Don’t Go On Vacation

July 24, 2009

Unlike you, dear students, your college’s speech codes don’t take summer internships, study abroad, or work at the mall. Most certainly they don’t spend their summers drinking rum punches and tanning on remote stretches of beach. them. Nope, they’re right where you left them, poised to spring into action the moment you step back on your campus. Unfortunately for speech codes, however, FIRE’s widgets work year-round as well.

By following just a few simple steps, you can install widgets featuring the speech code ratings of any of the nearly 400 colleges rated in our (newly improved) Spotlight database on your personal website, blog, or Facebook page. You can also install our Speech Code of the Month widget to stay on top of who the biggest violators of campus free speech are. They’re a great way to let your college know that even though you’ve checked out for the summer, you’ve still got your eye on their restrictive speech policies.