Harvey Silverglate Makes Case for Harvard’s Board of Overseers at Forbes.com

March 23, 2009

For weeks now, FIREalong with a diverse array of supportershas trumpeted the candidacy of co-founder Harvey Silverglate for Harvard University’s Board of Overseers, for which he was officially nominated in February. Today Harvey makes his case at Forbes.com in an article jointly written with fellow petition candidate Robert Freedman.

Driven by the steadfast belief that both Harvard and America’s higher education system "[are] in need of independent oversight from those beyond the ivory gates," Harvey and Robert cite a laundry list of problems familiar to FIRE supporters: an overly protective and politicized campus culture, "Star Chamber-like disciplinary tribunals," and the idea that students have the right not to have their views offended or challenged by their peers.

Be sure to read the full text of the article at Forbes.com for more.

Schools:  Harvard University