In the News: FIRE’s ‘Spotlight on Speech Codes 2017’

December 13, 2016

FIRE released its Spotlight on Speech Codes 2017 report yesterday after The Wall Street Journal ran an exclusive first look at its eye-opening findings over the weekend. Now other publications are taking notice and weighing in.

The Chronicle of Higher Education was among the first to highlight the report’s most significant findings: a drop of nearly 10 percentage points in campuses maintaining severely restrictive, “red light” speech codes and a bump in schools receiving FIRE’s highest, “green light” rating.

The New York Daily News called the report a “[l]ight in the ivory tower” and a “glimmer of good news for those who care about academic freedom on college campuses,” but it acknowledged that the report underscores much work left to be done.

Our annual report also got a nod from Politico today in its “Morning Education” roundup and a mention in the nonpartisan The American Interest.

Check out all the coverage at the links above, and then head back here to FIRE’s website for all the latest campus civil liberties news.