Join FIRE’s Eternal Flame Society

March 15, 2010

“We want our grandchildren to be among the millions who have profited from FIRE’s hard work. We want them to be educated in a campus culture that fosters innovation and individual liberty, not repression.” — Mike and Bonnie Donahue, FIRE donors

Like Mike and Bonnie Donahue, many Torch readers are concerned about the state of free speech on our nation’s campusesnot because you are currently enrolled in college, but because those dearest to you are, and because you know that America’s future depends on their education. Mike and Bonnie decided that they didn’t want to leave their grandchildren’s futures to chance. Through their decision to include FIRE in their estate plans, they chose to invest in a future of free speech and to leave a legacy of liberty that will have an impact far beyond their own lifetimes.

FIRE deeply appreciates the outstanding support of our donors, and in today’s economic climate, we want to give you every opportunity to continue to support FIRE’s important work. Over the years, a handful of donors have shared with us their decision to include FIRE in their estate plans. Both grateful for their generosity and honored that they entrust us with their legacy, we celebrate these individuals as members of FIRE’s Eternal Flame Society. Today, please consider leaving a lasting legacy of your own and joining FIRE’s Eternal Flame Society.

Planned gifts not only benefit FIRE and the thousands of students and faculty that we serve–they can also benefit you. Through planned giving, FIRE donors can receive personal benefits that include:

•         seeing significant tax savings

•         receiving income throughout their lifetime

•         honoring a loved one through a gift

•         enjoying the feeling of helping students and professors for generations to come

For more information about planned giving options, visit our legacy giving webpage, call our Development office at 215-717-3473, or e-mail us at We are looking forward to working with you to discover the perfect gift that meets the needs of you and your family and fulfills your philanthropic vision.