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Assault on College Press

October 17, 2005

By Harvey Silverglate at The National Law Journal

Independent college journalism may soon be a relic of the past—on a par with typewriters and eight-track cassette players—in at least three states, and potentially throughout the country. This past summer, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which presides over Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, applied to colleges and universities the censorship rules designated years ago by the Supreme Court to govern elementary and high school journalism. The implications are far-reaching and severe: Public university administrators, seemingly more sensitive than ever to criticism, as well as to dissent against prevailing opinion, no longer have to fret. They need only designate extracurricular student newspapers "non-public forums" in order to assure themselves editorial control over all aspects of student news coverage and editorial opinion... Download file "Assault on College Press"

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