RAs, students share mixed feelings

November 10, 2005

It came as a surprise for senior Mike Palumbo when he heard about the policy forbidding RAs from leading religious, political or ideological activities in their rooms and residence halls.

Palumbo, a Sutherland resident who attends Christian Bible studies regularly, said while he understands the university's concern, he doesn't believe it is acting fairly in regards to an RA's rights.'

"There's no one RA that can please everyone on the floor," Palumbo said. "Being a Bible study leader, I've never heard anyone on the floor saying, 'Oh, my stupid RA. He's a Bible study leader.' "

Senior Dawn Snyder, however, believes the policy is in the best interest of the residents. If RAs were allowed to lead these activities in their rooms or halls, it could create an unfriendly environment for some residents, Snyder, an RA in Oakridge Hall, said...

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