Trigger Warning: This Post Disparages The Proliferation of Trigger Warnings

November 11, 2014

By Jonathan H. Adler at The Washington Post

Trigger warning: This post is going to quote an op-ed that may offend sensitive readers. In particular, I am going to quote from a recent WSJcontribution by Harvey Silverglate, co-founder and chairman of theFoundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) on the ridiculousness of hyper-sensitivity and trigger warnings on campus. If you think trigger warnings are a good idea, you might not want to keep reading, and certainly don’t click the link to read the whole op-ed. If, on the other hand, you care about liberal arts education, believe in the ideals upon which a liberal arts education is premised and, above all else, believe that college students should be exposed to a wide range of ideas, many of which they may find challenging or unsettling, read on, click the link, and consider joining FIRE, which is perhaps the most important university-focused organization in the country today...