Virginia Lawmakers Kill Bills Meant To Protect Rights Of Accused Students

January 30, 2015

By Travis Fain at Daily Press

Legislators shot down a trio of bills this week meant to give students who are accused of sexual assault more rights during the internal campus inquiries that can lead to expulsion.

The bills were tabled at a small House subcommittee meeting, and as the Virginia General Assembly grapples with how to handle the suddenly high-profile issue of on-campus sexual assault.

Bills requiring administrators and faculty who learn of an assault to report it to law enforcement are moving forward in Richmond, despite concerns from advocates who say victims don't always want criminal investigations.

Legislation that would require campuses to put notations on transcripts when a student leaves during or because of a sexual assault inquiry is also advancing. Amid this, there is quiet concern that Virginia's response to the attention on college sexual assaults may trample on the rights of the accused...

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