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2018 Faculty Conference papers now available

I’m pleased to announce that the papers presented at FIRE’s 2018 Faculty Conference are now available in a single volume. The eight papers included in this volume cover a variety of topics pertinent to today’s discussions of academic freedom, and we’re proud to have selected them from the more than 100 submissions we received. FIRE’s 2018 conference was held from Oct. 11-13 at Loyola University Chicago.

As with the papers from our 2017 conference, the papers in this volume take a variety of forms, from qualitative analysis to quantitative research to critical narratives and first-person testimonials. The topics you’ll find discussed include a legal argument for certain additional restrictions of expression on college campuses; the trickle-down effects of performance-based funding on academic freedom; a critique of “strings attached” higher education funding from outside organizations; and practical guides on achieving policy reform from faculty who have been successful at doing so.

FIRE thanks all of the faculty included in this volume for their invaluable contributions to our conference. More about the authors can be found on our 2018 conference page. We encourage all college faculty interested in staying connected with FIRE’s faculty outreach efforts to join our faculty networkFinally, I’m happy to announce that we’ll soon be revealing details for a third faculty conference planned for fall 2019! We’re excited to bring together another group of faculty committed to defending and strengthening academic freedom, so stay tuned for further information!

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