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CFN Member Tim Nuccio Joined to Advance Liberty

Every week, we post on The Torch to encourage students to join the CFN. We explain the benefits of the CFN incentive program, and the resources provided to CFN members. Instead of hearing from us on why students should join, we thought our readers might want to hear from one of our members.  

This week I e-mailed one of our newest members, Tim Nuccio of the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, and asked him why he joined. His response was simple,

I joined because FIRE has a pending case against my school, which has instituted an ethics policy that requires graduate students and faculty members to check their free speech at the door.

It is an excellent illustration of the fact that the CFN's biggest draw is its commitment to advancing FIRE's mission by equipping and empowering students and faculty members to secure individual rights on their own campuses.

Student members have the opportunity to attend FIRE's student conference, host FIRE speakers, and earn books, gift cards, BPA-free FIRE Nalgenes, and other prizes through FIRE's incentive program for student activists. Students get a free FIRE t-shirt just for signing up.

FIRE is working hard to secure liberty at the University of Illinois and at universities all across the country. We invite students and faculty members to join us and register today.

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