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Chairman of Board of Directors: FIRE an ‘Incredibly Compelling Investment’

Chairman of FIRE’s Board of Directors Daniel Shuchman told FIRE supporters today why their continued contributions to our important work are more significant now than ever before.

“There is much that needs to be done to defend and preserve free speech, and FIRE is the only group positioned to do it,” Shuchman wrote of FIRE’s expanding efforts to defend civil liberties on campus in the face of ever-increasing threats.

It’s a mission we can only accomplish with your help.

As Shuchman, an investment fund manager, outlines in his letter, “FIRE has many attributes of an incredibly compelling (if not-for-profit) investment.”

We hope you’ll read through them and consider supporting FIRE.

“I am confident that the return on investment—not in dollars but in societal impact,” Shuchman wrote, “will be among the best you earn.”

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