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Columnists Highlight FIRE Cases at SUNY Fredonia and Oxy

FIRE cases are the subjects of two major articles this week. Yesterday, Mike Adams at castigated SUNY Fredonia President Dennis Hefner, who bungled the promotion case of Professor Stephen Kershnar. Adams wrote, “I’ve never actually called for the immediate firing of a university president. That is, until today.” Then today, National Review Online’s Anthony Dick addressed FIRE’s case involving Jason Antebi at Occidental College. In response to a California appellate court’s decision that a state law protecting free speech does not apply to students who are not currently enrolled, Dick quotes California legislator Bill Leonard, author of the law, who said that “If [Antebi] suffered some kind of school penalty as a result of his speech, he is entitled to contest that …. The fact that he has left the school is irrelevant.” FIRE calls for the California Supreme Court to overturn this dangerous precedent.

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