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‘Consulting All Sides on “Speech Codes”’

Check out another great article by David Beito, Ralph Luker, and Robert “KC” Johnson in this month’s Organization of American Historians Newsletter. The authors write:

The enemies of academic freedom span the political spectrum. Whether they are on the left or right, they share one trait in common: contempt for the free marketplace of ideas on campus. If the ravings of Ward Churchill deserve protection (and they do), it becomes impossible to rationalize restrictions on the comparatively mild statements and actions of Hoppe, Hinkle, and the bake sale organizers at CU. Thus, if leftists who have spoken up so boldly for academic freedom in the Churchill affair are sincere in their claims to tolerate “offensive” speech, they will exert themselves to form common cause with conservatives and libertarians in the fight against speech codes. [Links added.]

I added links to the FIRE cases they cited in case anyone would like to learn more about those very interesting cases. Hats off to Beito, Luker, and Johnson!

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