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‘The Daily Caller’ Uses FIRE’s Spotlight Database to Rank Best Colleges

The Daily Caller took advantage of FIRE’s Spotlight database in compiling its most recent best colleges list: “America’s 53 Best Colleges PERIOD In 2015 When You Consider Absolutely Everything That Matters.”

The system ranks colleges based on categories like “overall academic rating,” “professor-quality,” “social life,” “campus,” and even “student-attractiveness.”

As Torch readers know, nothing is more attractive than the right to free expression on campus. The Daily Caller agrees. For the first time, this year it is awarding bonus points to institutions earning FIRE’s coveted “green light” rating. The Daily Caller explains:

[I]n a bonus category, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) provides a database tracking the frequently draconian speech policies at most colleges and universities across the country. Shamefully and ridiculously, fewer than two dozen receive a “green light” rating, meaning that the administration does not seriously imperil free speech on campus. Schools on the list receive a well-deserved bonus.

You can read more about how to use FIRE’s database—and check out your school—on our Spotlight page.

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