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Emory Students Speak out Against Proposed 'Free Expression Zone' Policy

On Wednesday I gave Emory University a shellacking over a proposed "free expression zone" policy, which was hailed in The Emory Wheel as a step forward by Emory's student government president and a number of Emory administrators. As I wrote, the fact that such initiatives on supposedly free liberal arts campuses are so positively received does far more to show how far our tolerance for free speech has plummeted rather than grown, seeing the extent to which students are willing to censor themselves today.

Fortunately, I'm not alone. Today in the Wheel, Emory graduate student Andy Ratto expresses similar sentiments, saying that "Emory should be committed to fostering open and free speech throughout the entire campus, not sequestering it into one small area." The Wheel's editorial board comes out in favor of free speech as well, stating its worry that "the concept of designating a specific area as a free expression zone seems to imply that other locations on campus are not," and advocating that if the policy goes forward, "the area ought to be promoted as an additional space, not the designated space." Be sure to read their full pieces at The Emory Wheel.

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