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Longtime FIRE friend Ken White has announced that his widely read blog Popehat will begin covering the costs of running the popular site by adding an Amazon search button to its sidebar. Popehat will receive a portion of any Amazon sales that originate from that button.

Here's the best part: Any proceeds that exceed the cost of running Popehat will go to FIRE! 

We are so thankful to Ken for generously directing extra funding to us! Of course, we'll be sure to put it to good use defending freedom on campuses across the country.

Check out Popehat, and if you enjoy the site, use the Amazon button on the sidebar for any purchases you make (hint, hint: you might want to type in "Unlearning Liberty" or "FIRE's Guide to Free Speech on Campus"). Not only will you get to enjoy the site's irreverent, incisive, and witty commentary, you'll also be able to support FIRE!

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