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FIRE Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions about 'Christian Legal Society v. Martinez'

As colleges and universities across the country begin another academic year, many students, faculty, and administrators are wondering how the United States Supreme Court's June 28 decision (.pdf) in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez will affect their experience on campus. Members of the general public also might be wondering what exactly the Supreme Court decided in Martinez.To help alleviate lingering confusion about what the Court's opinion in Martinez means, FIRE attorneys have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ruling.

We've aimed to provide thorough explanations to the hard questions about the case, paying special attention to concerns that students, student groups, and administrators might have. We've also tried to dispel the uncertainty about what exactly the Court's ruling does and does not require, and what student groups in particular should look out for when they return to campus. Here's a quick look at some of the questions my colleagues and I have answered:

"What does FIRE think of the Court's decision?"

"This is a case about student groups. What does CLS v. Martinez have to do with free speech?"

"How does FIRE think CLS v. Martinez will impact speech on campus?"

"Does FIRE support public funding or subsidies for discrimination on campus?"

"I'm a student leader of a student group at a public college. How will CLS v. Martinez affect my organization?"

"I'm an administrator with oversight of student organizations at a public college. How does CLS v. Martinez change the way my institution may regulate student organizations?"

The answers to those queries and more can be found here, at FIRE's Christian Legal Society v. Martinez FAQ. I urge all those interested in the issues raised by Martinez to take a look and read our answers.

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