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FIRE encourages universities to adopt Model Code of Student Conduct

Model Code for Student Conduct

Last week, FIRE sent letters to 38 organizations dedicated to the betterment of higher education encouraging them to help their constituent universities and colleges adopt our Model Code of Student Conduct.

FIRE’s Model Code is a practical, comprehensive collection of student conduct policies and procedures that sets the gold standard for protecting civil liberties on campus. With a structure intelligible to the entire educational community and easily implementable by university leadership, the Model Code is a workable guide for governing student life in a manner that recognizes both institutional imperatives and student needs. 

In our letters, we introduce the Model Code to these groups, invite their members and constituencies to adopt its provisions, and offer FIRE’s assistance in revising university student disciplinary policies and procedures. 

The organizations receiving our letter represent thousands of colleges and universities across the nation. From regional accreditation agencies and student affairs organizations to national governing boards and trustee collectives, these groups share a common purpose of helping institutions of higher education better their systems and policies — a mission FIRE seeks to further by helping them ensure that student disciplinary proceedings are fundamentally fair and comply with government mandates.

FIRE looks forward to working with these groups to implement the Model Code and making campuses nationwide better places for students’ rights.

You can read FIRE's Model Code of Student Conduct below:

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