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FIRE Introduces New ‘Support FIRE’ Widget

Adding to our collection of widgets, FIRE now has a "Support FIRE" widget available for our supporters to post on their blogs or personal websites. To post this widget just visit, and look on the right sidebar. Below where you see the widget is a box with some text in itselect all of the text and copy it to the clipboard. Then, just insert it where you want the widget to appear on your webpage. If your visitors are interested in supporting FIRE's work, they can click on the widget and it will direct them to learn more about FIRE and about ways to donate.

Posting FIRE's support widget to your site is a great way to promote FIRE and to help increase our resources so we can become an even greater force for change on college and university campuses. Plus, if you post the widget and send us your link and your mailing address, we will send you either a FIRE t-shirt, a FIRE mug, or a copy of The Shadow University. Just let us know which you prefer!

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