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FIRE in the News: Watch Clips of ‘Stossel,’ ‘Red Eye’ Featuring FIRE Cases!

It's been a big television week for FIRE. Last Thursday, I appeared alongside Campus Freedom Network members David Deerson and Derek Spicer on an episode of the Fox Business Network show Stossel, filmed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). We had a great discussion of speech codes at UNC and civility codes at North Carolina State University. If you missed it on Thursday, you can watch the segment online now.

And last night, the late—night Fox News show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld featured a segment about FIRE's latest video, featuring student Morgan Freeman of Sam Houston State University and a professor's vigilante censorship of a "free speech wall" she organized. If you haven't seen Red Eye before, prepare yourself—a mix of comedy, parody, and sometimes inappropriate humor, it's not your typical news network fare. 

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